Our Mission Statement: We Strive for Child Care Excellence

To provide a nurturing environment based on sensitivity to each child’s physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

The Caring Center believes that a child’s experience at our center should be based on a series of teachers’ aims and children’s rights.

Teachers’ Aims
  • That the children in our care are HAPPY, FEEL SAFE, and CARED ABOUT
  • That children’s real needs are noticed and met
  • That children are played with
  • That children have constructive activities available that are age and developmentally appropriate
  • That parents are supported in their role in caring for their children
Childrens’ Rights
  • The right to attentive and caring staff
  • The right to an environment that stimulates growth
  • The right to a clean center
  • The right to nutritious snacks
General Aims
  • Acceptance and concern for each child as a unique individual
  • Fostering a positive self-concept and healthy social relationships
  • Encouraging and stimulating each child to gain new skills and learn by doing
  • Experiencing creative expression through dramatic play, art, and music
  • Learning problem-solving methods
  • Expanding knowledge and interest in the world
  • Introducing children to other cultures, math, science, animals, and their environment
Christian Aims
  • The Caring Center is a non-denominational Christian facility which is not affiliated with any church or religious organization. Our spiritual mission is to honor Christ through modeling love, respect, and integrity as we teach basic Christian biblical truths that cultivate children’s love, understanding, and faith in God.