The Caring Center & Verona Montessori House

The Caring Center was founded by Thelma Peters, a third-grade teacher from Verona; and Diane Peters, then a senior education major at the University of Wisconsin.The original facility was a rented classroom in the St. Andrew’s educational building. The program later moved to a small house.

In 1982, Diane Peters took over as director of Happy Day Nursery. The next year, the need became apparent for a full-time child care center and a facility that could accommodate this growth.The search began for a larger building, and the name was changed to more accurately reflect the new scope of services offered, such as the full-day preschool program, and shortly after, a kindergarten age program. Happy Day Nursery became “The Caring Center.”

In 1984, we opened at our present location. Labor Day of that year brought further expansion as a new classroom opened to meet the needs of our parents. During this next year, the second floor was added to the main building to provide additional space...

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Traditional Programs & Pre-K

Children Ages 2-5

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Verona Montessori House

Children Ages 3-5

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CC's Clubhouse (School-Agers)

Children Grades K-5

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Hello Parents!

The Caring Center has a well-deserved reputation for stability and quality programming. We have been a vital part of the Verona community for over 50 years! During this time we have maintained the same consistent leadership, which allows us to devote our time to the most important aspect – the children enrolled in our varied full and part day programs.

The Caring Center proudly serves children from age two, all the way through 5th grade on our three building campus!

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Our Programs


A big part of being a 2- or 3-year-old is learning to be away from family for periods of time at preschool.

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We strive to develop strong social skills and awareness with 3- and early 4-year-olds in our preschool classes.

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In Pre-K, children develop greater independence and self-help skills. Children test their boundaries...

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Verona Montessori House

Our mixed-age program is offered to children ages 3-6. 

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CC’s Clubhouse (After-School)

CC’s Clubhouse features the premiere summer enrichment and after-school programs in the Verona area.

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Camp CC (Summer Program)

Our all-day summer program for school-agers.

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