High Tech

Technology is evolving quickly and we understand that it is important to equip our school age children with the tools and the training that will prepare them for the real world. The founders have recently made a major investment into our all new iMac Lab where children will have access to Apple iPads & iMacs […]

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Soft Touch

Following the teaching style of Dr. Maria Montessori, the Verona Montessori House emphasizes hands-on learning in a carefully prepared environment, with a focus on exploration and discovery. Children work in various specifically sectioned learning areas and move at their own pace . Montessori programs also emphasize respect for each other and our environment, and the […]

Verona Wi Montessori School - Verona Montessori House

Convenient Bus Service

The Caring Center is the place to be for school-agers after their busy day at school. We offer state-licensed, ratio-based professional supervision in a fun, safe environment. Don’t miss checking out this important factor when considering after school programs.Your child’s safety is too important. We are located across the street from Sugar Creek and New […]


More Adventure

Both the Caring Center Traditional & Montessori schools take advantage of the diverse opportunities that Dane County offers. We commonly take the children off-campus to state parks, museums, community events, library programs & athletic activities. Call our office at 608.845.8620 and ask about our off-campus activities.

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