Child Care Center Testimonials

If you’re interested in our child care center but skeptical we’re better than traditional daycare, don’t take our word for it. Below you’ll find a collection of testimonials from local parents who trust the Caring Center. You’ll also see how our child care center has improved their children’s lives and their lives as parents. If you would like to leave your own testimonial, contact us HERE.

Just wanted to share what happened tonight at bath time. K. was taking a bath with his 9 year old brother and his brother was not being nice to K. Out of nowhere K. said “Be kind, be safe, take care of your toys, be respectful and have fun!” I was in shock from him saying all that and my heart was so happy. Thank you to his teacher and The Caring Center staff. It is extremely comforting going to work everyday knowing he’s in great hands with people that love him and want him to grow into a gentle, loving and respectful boy!
I’ve had my son at the Caring Center for a year and a half now. When I first looked at daycare for my son, I knew that I wanted to place him in an environment where he would receive more individualized attention. I knew I didn’t want “big-box” child care. I wanted child care with emphasis on the CARE part. If my son isn’t going to be with me during the day because of my work schedule, I wanted to be sure he was getting proper attention from people who knew him and gave him the attention that I can’t while I’m at work.
Google Review

Thank you  for another wonderful year of providing a safe and happy place for W. This makes 6 years for us at The Caring Center. Thank you for all you all do.
Sarah G.
I would like to thank you and the staff for 7 wonderful years. D. and S. enjoyed their time at school, and are better people because of your center……Good  luck in the future and keep doing what you are doing.
Dave and Lana H.

This is a bittersweet morning for me as I drop L. off at The Caring Center for the last time. G. and I just wanted to thank you for the last 8 years. We were comforted by the knowledge that L. was always in a safe place and we thank you for your years of flexibility.
Karen W.
N. has come home sharing so much information about all he has learned. We have been so pleased with his growth over the course of the year. Many thanks to The Caring Center for providing such a nurturing, stimulating environment.
Chad and Betsy W.

Thank you very much for providing a wonderful school age program this summer. Because of you, I have been able to focus on my work at work and not worry about M. I know that when she is with you she is safe and involved in good, fun activities.
Cindy L.
Thank you for all you have done for our family. We believe both children have benefited from the care they received outside of our home. We have the highest praise for all their teachers…
Sarah S.
We would like to thank everyone for the excellent care that was given to C. while at The Caring Center. He has really enjoyed his time here and will miss everyone. It has been exciting to watch him grow and learn this past year. Thank you!
Craig and Lisa E.
Thank you and all the staff at The Caring Center for everything they did for E. during her 3 years here. Her teachers made a special influence on her and she will always have happy memories of them.
Mary Jane R.
I am writing you this note to express our thanks and appreciation to both of you and the entire Caring Center staff. M. truly enjoyed his preschool Caring Center years. You are all wonderful with the children and I know it takes a very special talent to develop both the teaching skills and patience.
Kim F.
It has been a wonderful experience here and many thanks to all the great people! It has been great here and we won’t forget you.
Rachel B.
We have enjoyed the dependability and consistency of care that L. has received over the years at The Caring Center. We will miss everyone!
Ramona S.
K. has enjoyed going to The Caring Center and will miss everyone. The time has gone by fast, to think she started when she was 3 ½ and now she is 11 ½. You have been a big part of her life. Thanks again!
Pat and Julie M.
Thank you for the special care and attention you give K. each day. You are truly appreciated!
Jennifer K.
Thank you again for the wonderful learning experience you have provided for J. and T.
Trena P.
We’ve been truly blessed with awesome care and nurturing everyone has provided to our family over the last 6 years. During those years, our family has been through extreme highs and lows, however there has always been one thing that’s remained the same and provided stability….The Caring Center and staff. Truly, with all that I have, THANK YOU for all you’ve done. I always have and will continue in the future telling everyone how wonderful The Caring Center is and what a great place it is to take your kids. It’s the next best thing to Mom and Dad.
Teresa N.
I wouldn’t let the school year end without thanking you for all the warmth and kindness you’ve shown R. these past years.  All of the stories and conversations you’ve had at the “good-bye window” have meant a lot to him and me!
Kim J.
Thanks for a great year at The Caring center. My son had a great time, loved his teachers, and learned a lot. We’ve made wonderful memories attending your preschool – thank you for all you do for these kids!
Renee G.
We were blessed to be able to have S. attend all these years. A big thank you for all the great years and staff members who influenced and cared for S. We couldn’t have found a better place for S. to be cared for and kept safe!
Soni H.
Thank you! A. has had a very rewarding experience in the Montessori program. We will be sure to let others with young children in the Verona area know this and will recommend the program. Many thanks to Ms. E. and Ms. C. for enriching A.’s life with their expertise and loving ways.
Marsha O.
We would like to express our gratitude for the education, life lessons, and love you have provided for C and L over the past couple of years. You all mean so much to our family. Thank you for what you do!
The A Family
When we moved to Verona, our first priority was finding an environment where both our kids were nurtured, safe, and understood. Thank you for creating that space. We will always remember our time at the Caring Center fondly and will miss everyone.
Mr. and Mrs. A.
The Caring Center is the only child care center we’ve had our son in, and it’s the only one we’ve needed. We started there when he turned 2, and he is about to turn 8 and still attends after school programs. One year, our son was having some struggles, and we looked around at alternatives but decided to instead switch him to the Montessori program, which was perfect. That program is something special, run by the extremely patient and competent Ms. Erin, and it is even available with the 4k program.
J & S F.
I cannot say enough how wonderful the staff is at the Caring Center. Our children have both attended the Verona Montessori House. The teachers there are so gentle and kind. We feel that sending our children to this preschool was the one of the very best decisions we have ever made as parents. We appreciate greatly the focus on learning about other cultures and countries, the peaceful approach to resolving conflicts, and the independence this program promotes. Our children have both thrived there and we feel so blessed because of that.
I wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank everyone at The Caring Center. The transition for A has been going so great. Everyone we meet is so kind and I truly believe our child development styles align perfectly and help A feel safe and loved. I am so pleased to be a part of your community. Thank you again for all you do!
Mrs. R.

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