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Two-Three's Class

A big part of being two and three is learning to be away from your family for periods of time. Our top priorities are nurturing, security and education. 

Our friends will learn about how to play cooperatively, grow into comfort in new places and become part of a group.


Three-Four's Class

Our uppermost goal with three and early four-year-olds is the development of strong social skills and awareness. We help our friends learn about school routines and greater independence. 

We stress cooperative play, communication skills, and an encourage friends to have more interest in the world around them.

What our parents say

We’ve been truly blessed with awesome care and nurturing everyone has provided to our family over the last 6 years. During those years, our family has been through extreme highs and lows, however there has always been one thing that’s remained the same and provided stability….The Caring Center and staff. Truly, with all that I have, THANK YOU for all you’ve done. I always have and will continue in the future telling everyone how wonderful The Caring Center is and what a great place it is to take your kids. It’s the next best thing to Mom and Dad.

Nichols Family

Thank you for being the brightest, most kind and wonderful staff a family could ask for! We have LOVED our time at The Caring Center!

Dziubla Family

We feel that sending our children to this preschool was the one of the very best decisions we have ever made as parents. We appreciate greatly the focus on learning about other cultures and countries, the peaceful approach to resolving conflicts, and the independence this program promotes. Our children have both thrived there and we feel so blessed because of that.

Olajos Family

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2-5 year olds

Two-Three’s   Three-Four’s   Four/Fives


      Verona            Montessori           House         (3-5 year olds)

CC's Club

Kindergarten – 11 years of age

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