Winter is on its way. For many of us, that’s not one of the things we really like to hear. Winters in Wisconsin can be pretty extreme – last winter definitely fell into that category. But have you ever thought about how your own negative cold weather talk could be affecting your children?

Negativity is unbelievably contagious. Think about how it sounds to your children, (and other family members and co-workers) when this is what they hear all winter:

“It’s WAY too cold out.”

“I HATE winter.”

“The roads are going to be terrible!”

“Another gray and gloomy day….”

“This is NEVER going to end.”

For many children, winter is a favorite time of year. Snow has a magical quality and when it appears one day, it offers all kinds of new play opportunities. Rather than jump on the negative band wagon this year, help your family and yourself by some intentional “re-framing” of the cold weather season. Make it a point to notice and comment on the pluses like, “The snowflakes are so beautiful when they’re this huge.”  “I love how cozy our house feels when the wind is blowing outside!” “It’s a great day to make hot chocolate and watch a movie.” Better yet, dress for the weather and get everyone out for a walk on a sparkling and glittery night when the snow is falling.

It happens every year. Winter shows up for ALL of us in Wisconsin – the lovers and the haters. Make this the year that you choose to ride it out with a more positive outlook and before you know it, well, you know what comes after winter……