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Montessori School Madison WI

Our mixed-age program is offered for ages 3-6. All children are taught in a beautifully presented environment. Children work in various specifically sectioned learning areas and move at their own pace. Our Montessori program emphasizes hands-on learning in a carefully prepared environment, with a focus on exploration and discovery.

A majority of the furnishings and learning supplies are made from natural materials.

Montessori Program Madison WI

Following the teachings of Maria Montessori, children learn:

  • respect for others
  • respect for our environment
  • the satisfaction of mastering a new task
  • the value of curiosity
  • appreciation of beauty
  • greater independence

Children move through the following learning areas throughout the day as they study:

  • language
  • writing
  • mathematics
  • geography
  • art
  • natural sciences
  • practical life skills


Montessori Summer Enrichment Programs

Montessori School Madison & Verona WI“Learning to Love Earth…and Beyond!”
Hands-on learning in summer enrichment programs nurtures curious minds.

Join us for summer enrichment programs feature themes including:
Kitchen Wizards
The Great Outdoors
Space Exploration
Conservation Station
Underwater Adventures

Expand your child’s horizons by engaging them in activities that encourage them to grow and explore!
Strengthen skills, grow in knowledge, reach a little higher!

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Space is limited and are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

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