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We are now busing from Country View Elementary and Core Knowledge Charter School for the 2017-2018 school year!

What are the Programs Like at C.C.’s Clubhouse?

C.C.’s Clubhouse features the premiere summer enrichment and after-school programs in the Verona area! C.C’s Clubhouse features what school-age kids 6 to 12 want! We’ve designed an amazing modern space for school-age children to meet friends in after school enrichment programs and experience a high tech environment with a soft touch. After school programs involve busy times.  Children arrive full of information about their day at school, and are eager to enjoy time with friends in social activities.  Our goal with these programs is to offer children a comfortable, interesting, appealing place to spend the after school hours, school vacation days, and during the summer.

C.C.’s Clubhouse Summer Camp 2017!

After School Enrichment Programs and Summer Camps Madison WI

Summers are for fun, sun, and friends!  But summers are also for amazing fun-filled enrichment activities that can keep your child at the top of their game by challenging  their imagination and creativity all summer long.  Our summer is going to be jam packed!  You won’t want to miss a thing.  Check  out our awesome themes for CC’s Clubhouse Summer Camp 2017 below! Sign up for the whole summer or just part of it!


June 12-16 Instant Attraction

Who can resist magnets? This session will d—r—a—w you in right from the start! We’ll be experimenting with all of the wonders of magnets including magnet racing, magnet painting, magnetic musical instruments, magnet mazes, magnet slime, gravity defying magnet experiments, and even giant floor-rolling magnets!

June 19-23 Music Makers

Music is all around us! We’ll explore and develop our own musical talents as we design and create instruments, listen to music from around the world, construct an enormous outdoor xylophone, learn favorite camp songs, invite in guest musicians, and take a musical field trip to learn even more about our favorite music.

June 26-30 Flower Power

We’re digging in this week and getting our hands dirty. It’s all about plants, flowers, and gardens this week. We’ll work on our playground gardens, volunteer at the community garden, create arts and crafts with plants and flowers, dissect plants, start a community service project with plants for our senior citizens in the community, and take a trip to a local greenhouse to hear from an expert as we sharpen our skills as gardeners.

July 3-7 Nothing But Air

How can something invisible be so much fun? This week is going to be unbelievable! We’ll introduce the Air Zookas and astonish each other with our skill at shooting bursts of air, experiment with the giant flying solar bag, create stomp rockets, and design and fly customized paper airplanes in a camp competition. We’ll get creative with blow painting, play turkey baster/feather air relays, learn about air pressure by crushing marshmallows in a vacuum, and we’ll try some new tricks with bubbles!

July 10-14 Oodles Of Noodles

This week might go down in the history books as the most fun ever! Bring on the pool noodles! Get ready for non-stop fun as we try out noodle hockey, pool noodle pom pom shooters, noodle javelin toss, noodle archery, and the human ring toss game. We’ll design and create some unbelievable water walls with pool noodles and even use pool noodles to create some unique art works. What’s for snack? Noodles, of course!

July 17-21 Drama-O-Rama

There’s a lot of talent and imagination out there…….We’ll learn about movie making and develop storylines to produce stop-action movies using the Stikbot system. We’ll learn about costumes and scenery before writing and starring in our own commercials. We may even get a tour backstage at the Performing Arts Center!

July 24-28 &  July 31 – August 4 Time Travelers

Let’s all travel back in time and learn about the historic people, places, and even the geological beginnings of our very own hometown. We’ll explore the Ice Age Trail and learn about what makes Verona even more unique and amazing than we knew!  We’ll tour Verona by bus and on foot and compare the past to the present times. What games did children play in the past? Did any famous people come from Verona? Which are the oldest buildings in town? Who are the local historians we can invite in to share stories with us? There’s so much to do that we’re going to give this fascinating theme two weeks!

August 7-11 Cafe Caring Center

We’ll spend the week planning and creating our own healthy snack café. What will it look like? What should we serve? What do we need to know about healthy choices and safe food preparation? What do we need to know about being a top-notch server? What will our menu design be? The week will culminate with a pop up café-for-the-day!

August 14-18 Lego Lalapalooza

You don’t plug them in – they have no batteries – they don’t light up – they don’t make noise. But they are AMAZING! Legos are always a crowd favorite and we’ll devote the week to a myriad of ideas that take those simple blocks to new heights. Get ready for Lego marble races, Lego mazes, Lego engineering challenges, Lego ice excavating, rubber band powered Lego cars, and even Lego theme snacks. Our custom designed Lego table will get a work out this week!

August 21-25 Candy Chemistry

The science of candy? Of course! This week we’ll investigate basic science principles involving some of these sweet treats. We’ll also try our hand at making rock candy and get creative with Skittles, Pop Rocks, and Mentos. Everyone likes candy. But did you know it was educational???

August 28 – September 1 The Best Of The Best

As our fun-tastic summer draws to a close, we’ll revisit our favorite activities. Our campers will help design the week by telling us what they want to do ONE MORE TIME! We’ll share memories, finish compiling our summer recipe cookbooks, and look back at all of the fun we had and the friends we made.

In addition to the main themes for the weeks, we’ll have an overall “canopy” of ongoing activities including:

Games on the go:  We will be learning new games each week.  Indoor games, outdoor games, and botgh active and quiet games.

Weekly Field Trips:  We will be taking the CC’s buses many places around Verona and local communities. We”ll explore our community with theme related field trips each week.  We will visit parks, The Children’s Museum, a green house, a restaurant, a music store and many more interesting places!

Other weekly activities will include visiting the library and participating in the summer reading program;   Friday swimming at the Natatorium or Verona Beach;  tech time using our computers, i-Pads, and the amazing Osmo  devices, Wii sports gaming, foosball, enrichment time-time to work on reading, math, or writing skills and reading with their book buddy. An abundance of arts and crafts materials are always available including beading, painting,  origami,  clay, plaster casting, and a variety of drawing and construction materials.

If you have questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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