The holidays are approaching and the question many parents have is “How do we celebrate in the midst of a pandemic?”

This year has been a year like none of us have experienced before. A pandemic is definitely a new scenario but if we stop and think, our country has experienced other challenging hardships in the form of depressions, recessions, wars, and natural disasters. The holidays came anyway. Spoiler alert- they will come this year too.

So, again, how do we celebrate? This year, more than ever, we can model optimism and strength for our children. The pandemic is serious and most of us will be altering traditional celebrations in some ways. What we CAN do is to focus on gratitude for all of the things we do have. We can look for ways to draw closer together with our immediate families and create cozy holiday experiences. We’re spending more time at home, so decorate your space! Put up lights inside and/or out and get out the holiday decorations that bring you joy and fond memories. Watch seasonal movies together, play board games, set up a space to create an ongoing holiday puzzle station, return to the tradition of sending holiday cards, play more music, bake favorite treats, burn scented candles, and plan a family hot chocolate bar. Don’t forget to read holiday stories at bedtime!

The writer Christopher Moore said, “Children see magic because they look for it.” This year we could all use a little magic. Let’s make sure our children can find it.