It might seem like just a few weeks ago we were all saying goodbye to summer, and children were going back to school. One look at the calendar however and we can see that in reality, the holidays are just around the corner. Do you love the IDEA of holidays but dread the REALITY of the work and stress associated with them? Take a few minutes and consider some of these ideas to help you lose the headache and celebrate the happiness.

  • Narrow down what is important to you. Think about what you want your children to remember someday. Re-visit your own favorite childhood childhood memories and think about how you might want to incorporate a few special holiday traditions. Any traditions you DIDN’T like? Let go of them. One man’s tradition is another man’s torture.
  • Make a list of your “must haves.” Do you want house decorations? Do you have a favorite holiday movie that gets you in the mood? What foods do you associate with happy memories?
  • Consider rotating some traditions. You may not want to go see “The Nutcracker” every year……
  • Don’t over spend. Decide what is a realistic budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away with holiday shopping but in the long run, you’ll only add to your stress when bills arrive.
  • Be flexible. If the movie you were all going to see as a family is sold out, make another choice. The important thing is to enjoy the time as a family.
  • Think family and friends. Spend time with the people who are important to you.
  • Be in the moment. In all the frenzy holidays can bring, we can forget to savor what we planned and prepared. Slow down. Sit back. Enjoy.
  • Appreciate and give back. One of the greatest things you can do for your children is to help them appreciate what they have and do something for someone else.

Take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy the holidays your family celebrates in the best way ever.

  • Regina