“My child would eat a corn dog every night for supper.”
“I never want to see a chicken nugget again.”

“If I have to make one more bologna sandwich, crust cut off, white bread only, no “yucky cheese”, and the “magical” amount of mayonnaise, I might lose it….”

Sound familiar? If your child is one of the many who limit their food choices to a very small number of items, you’ve probably said something similar. In recent years a lot has been written about Americans and our eating habits. Eating healthy, nutritious food seems like an obvious goal for parents to want for their children, but it can be more complicated if your child will only eat a handful of things.

Like most parenting challenges, this one has no magical solution. The good news is there are some strategies that may help.

Pay attention to portion size. If you are introducing something new, try putting just a very small sample of it on your child’s plate. If a child is cautious about new foods, a regular serving amount can look like a mountain. Always include something familiar to your child in the meal as well. Some children will be more willing to branch out if you pack a lunch in a container with many very small compartments – like a craft box for beads or thread. Put a few berries in one spot, some cubes of cheese in another, etc.  \
Shop together and make it fun. Include your child in the shopping for family groceries. Talk about new foods you spot – the fruit aisle is a great place to begin. Plan to pick out something new to try as a family each time you shop. Bring an […]