Verona Montessori House  Summer Enrichment Camp

Because learning doesn’t stop in the summer!

Our mixed-age Montessori program is offered for ages 3-6.

All taught in a beautifully-presented environment. Children work in various specifically sectioned learning areas and move at their own pace. Montessori classes emphasize hands-on learning in a carefully prepared environment, with a focus on exploration and discovery.

The majority of furnishings and learning equipment are made from natural materials.

Following the teachings of Maria Montessori, children learn:

  • respect for others
  • respect for our environment
  • the satisfaction of mastering a new task
  • the value of curiosity
  • appreciation of beauty
  • greater independence

Children move through various learning areas throughout the day as they study:

  • language
  • writing
  • mathematics
  • geography
  • art
  • natural sciences
  • practical life skills

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Session 1: June 15 – July 2, 2015
Take a trip back to the days of the dinosaurs! Let’s explore some of the most awe inspiring creatures that have ever lived, learn some really big names, and explore what it might have been like to live on Earth during the time of the dinosaurs!

Session 2: July 6-24, 2015
Children come with a natural drive to explore their world using all of their senses! We will have plenty of opportunities to experience all of the slippery, slimy, gooey, wet, soft, rough, etc. in life as we taste, touch, smell, hear, and see our way through this session!

Session 3: July 27-August 14, 2015
People all over the world build homes using what they have nearby. We will take a global perspective as we explore homes made from all sorts of materials. Whether your interest lies in working with your hands or exploring earth moving machines, there is something in this session for everyone!

Session 4: August 17-28, 2015
How does compost turn into soil? How does a seed become a plant? How does a plant eat and drink? What does a worm’s home really look like? All of this comes with plenty of hands on time for digging, planting, harvesting and of course tasting the wonderful things that come from the Earth!

Attn: Our Fall Montessori program is filling up!

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